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                中文 英文
                Cereals, Oils Forum
                Food Forum
                Soil livestock product forum
                Textile Forum
                Chemical forum
                Machinery Forum
                Foreign aid projects
                Other business
                March 31, 20
                September 15
                June 13, 201
                April 26, 20
                In September
                In September
                        Heilongjiang Provincial Foreign Trade Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Foreign Trade Group) is approved by the provincial government set up state-owned foreign trade enterprises. For…[Detailed]
                I Group and its affiliated enterprises has a business to understand will manage …[Detailed]
                    Sincere cooperation, believe in - Connaught, we adhere to the principle;Satisfied that the Chamber of Commerce F…[Detailed]
                Add: Xiangfang District, Zhongshan Road 122 Foreign Trade Cereals, Oils Foodstuffs Building
                Tel: 0451-55649120 0451-55649050
                Fax: 0451-55649050
                Contact: 王先生
                Copyright ◎ 2000-2011 Heilongjiang Provincial Foreign Trade Group Co., Ltd.    Tel:0451-55649164 Fax:0451-55649184
                      Address:122 Zhongshan Road, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China Foreign Trade Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Building (150036)   E-mail:tzly@163.com